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Kérjük, hogy válaszában csak a válasz betűjelét adja meg! Pl. A vagy a
1. ___________ you like skiing? A) Are B) Do C) Does D) Is
2. My best friend often ________ in Paris. A) works B) is working C) work D) was working
3. I have a cup of tea ________the afternoon. A) at B) in C) on D) of
4. How ___________ money have you got? A) much B) many C) some D) any
5. ___________ two bedrooms in our flat. A) There are B) There is C) Are there D) Is there
6. We ___________ eat food in our office A) can't B) don't C) do D) not allowed to
7. I'm afraid_____________ spiders. A) to B) of C) about D) from
8. My uncle ____________ his newspaper at the moment. A) read B) is reading C) reads D) has read
9. Her salary is not too much, she can't _____________ a new car. A) afford B) save C) pay D) spend
10. She has known him ____ they were at school. A) since B) from C) when D) for
11. It was one of the most ____ experiences of my life A) embarrassed B) embarrassful C) embarrass D) embarrassing
12. Some football players' feet are extremely _____________: they are insured for millions A) value B) valuable C) valueed D) valueable
13. __________ beautiful car! A) What B) How C) What a D) Which
14. Would you like _______ ? A) dance B) to dance C) dancing D) if to dance
15. _____________ does it look like? A) What B) How C) Who D) Why
16. If you remove something from the computer, you ____________ it. A) save B) search C) delete D) download
17. I ____ never ____a famous person so far. A) had, met B) have, met C) have, meet D) had, meet
18. I ______football on TV when you phoned. A) have watched B)watched C) am watching D) was watching
19. The internet ______ by the US Army in the 1960s. A) has invented B) had invented C)was invented D)were invented
20. We arrived in Thailand _______days ago. A) any B) a few C) a lot D) a little
21. They have a very ______ relationship A) cloudy B) windy C) stormy D) rainy
22. He doesn't mind ____take-aways every day A) to eat B) eaten C) having eaten D) eating
23. I was named ________ my grandfather A) of B) about C) from D) after
24. I think he's ____ an affair with his secretary. A) having B) getting C) making D) doing
25. You ________be 18 to drink alcohol in a pub. A) should B) could C) must D) mustn't
26. I'm looking forward to ___________ work. A) finishing B) finish C) have finished D) be finished
27. Can you remember where ____my pen? A) did I leave B) I left C) did you leave D) I did leave
28. Did you ______ to the cinema yesterday? A) gone B) went C) going D) go
29. She ___ here ____ she left university. A) had been working, since B) has been working, since C) had been working, for D) has been working, for
30. I think I __________to bed as soon as I _____________ my homework. A) am going, finish B) 'll go, finished C) 'll go,finish D) 'll go, 'll finish
31. I didn't like the pizza __ we had for lunch. A) which B) what C) than D) like
32. He is actually much ______he looks. A) youngest than B) the younger C) younger than D) younger that
33. My car _____________ at the moment. A) has been repaired B) was being repaired C) was repaired D) is being repaired
34. He takes __________ his mother much more than his father, don't you think? A) to B) into C) of D) after
35. Did you have ____homework last night? A) some B) many C) much D) a few
36. If I ______ you, I _______ that. A) were, wouldn't do B) was, couldn't C) had been, wouldn't do D) would be, didn't do
37. 'Can I borrow your bike on Saturday, please?' 'Oh, I'm afraid ___ it. You know, we ____on a day excursion to Blackpool.' A) I am going to use/ go B) I will use/I I will be going C) I will be using/are going D) am using/will go
38. I bought a coat yesterday. I wish I ___ it. A) didn't bought B) hadn't bought C) haven't bought D) wouldn't bought
39. Do you mind if I ask you ____________? A) how old are you B) how much do you earn C) how you know her D) what are you doing here
40. She looks much older than him. They ____________ be twins. A) should B) can't C) must D) don't have to
41. „Why are you putting those old clothes on?” „I _________________ the car.” A) will wash B)m'going to wash C) 'm washing D) wash
42. We must go now, ___ is quite late and _____is no public tarnsport after 11. A)it/it B) it/there C) there/it D) there/there
43. This test is ____________ the one we did last week. A) almost so difficult like B) even more easy as C) not quite as easy as. D) a bit less difficult as
44. I didn't remember his address and ____________ my wife. A) so did B) neither did C) also didn't D) so didn't
45. How ______________ you! I've never been so insulted in all my life. A) dare B) mean C) care D) matter
46. Why are you looking at ____________? A) she B) his C) her D) he
47. You ____________ eat your banana. A) would better B) had better C) had rather D) should to
48. The lights were on. He ____________ at home. A) must have been B) can be C) should be D) would have been
49. When I was younger I ________ long hair. A) would have B) use to have C) used to have D) was having
50. Several people, ________ voices could be clearly heard, were waiting outside. A) of which B) their C) whom D) whose


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